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Use the paypal buttons below to select the advert type you require all ads are for a month or for three months with a 20% discount.
  • 1. Full size top of page advert
  • 2. Medium size side panel advert
  • 3. Small size bottom of page four picture

Advert Style 1. Large top of page:

Select this style to have an advert appear top of every page on the category page of your choice Great value at only £85.00 Per Month

External linking policy for adverts

External Web links placed inside the advert spaces will be maunually checked before approval for inappropriate content rejection. See the box at the bottom of page for items that will not be allowed to appear in the directory nor placed as advertisements.

Paid for link schemes will not be entertained

Any manual website link that seems to be going to an affilliate linking scheme or similiar will be rejected, as inappropriate.

About placement of adverts and ads policy

The maximum number of adverts placed on any one single page shall never exceed three: These will be either of the following three types

Below are examples of the advertisement styles or types

  • 1. Page Advert
  • 2. Side Advert
  • 3. Small box Advert.
  • A: Page Ads are always placed top of page
  • B: Side Ads will be placed to right side of page
  • C: Small box ads will be placed towards bottom of page near copyright notice
  • D: There is also an inline ad space for succesfull searches

Additionally there is another ad style called "inline Ads" these will appear "Inline" towards top of succesfull search results.

External linking policy for adverts

Paid for links will not be placed anywhere inside the advert spaces. Instead there will be a link to the businesses internal profile page, and from there visitors can see a link to an advertisers website. All business shops, services, hotels, restaurant advertisers etc will also be given a link to an internal profile, page Which needs to be manually approved for checking against innappropriate content. The manuall check will also check for suitabillity for inclusion. See the box at the bottom of page for items that will not be allowed to appear in the directory.

Paid for link schemes will not be entertained

Any manual website link that seems to be going to an affilaite linking scheme or similiar will be rejected, as inappropriate.

Below are examples of the advertisement styles or types

Advert form one large page top advert: Buy Now only £85:00 Per Month

Buy now full page top advert

Style 1: Page Ad

This larger advert style will appear towards the top of any page subject to that page having sufficient text that the page does not like like all adverts and no content.

Advert form two side ad panel box Buy Now only £55:00 Per Month

Buy Now

Style 2: Side Ad

Will always be on the right of any text and/or other images on the page: These side ads will not be placed on a page that for any reason should have either no text or a limited amount of text: This is a deliberate policy by site Admin to avoid any page being overwhelmed by adverts.

Side Ad:
Category food - Made In Little France

more information from users profile


Wine merchant selling wines from Southern France
Wine merchant selling wines from Southern France :

Address: location_on business

397 St John Street
Clerkenwell County: London Postcode: EC1V 4LD
Status of business Open

Categories: map

Food French Wines
Country Origin or Place of Business Southern France : Closest City Area London : Brands Fine French Wines :

phoneNo mobile Phone : Land Phone: 020 78373125

Postcode: EC1V 4LD

Advert form three small ad box four images Buy Now only £35:00 Per Month

Buy Now Page Bottom Advert

Style 3: Small Box Ad

Can be seen towards the bottom of any page on which they have been placed. they will only be permitted if there is already sufficient content to surround them. These Ads will appear in a small box and alongside them to the right will be displayed four images from a profile or via being supplied to the admins. Whenever a use hovers over these four image a message will appear, with your logo or taglines selling points you provide.

High street holiday shopTravel reservations bookingsLower clapton local businessNorth Hackney Travel bookings

This policy applies to all the Ad Placements on the site. Additionally to give smaller startup business a fair crack of the whip, Ad placements will not be auctioned. All listings in the database have an equal chance of being randomly selected to be the current system top listing.

Items that will be rejected disallowed

  • 1. Guns and ammunition
  • 2. Adult toys (namely sex toys)
  • 3. Adult literature
  • 4. Plumbers Builders etc
  • 5. Estate Agents
  • 6. Accountants Lawyers Solictors etc
  • 7. Affilliate Link Sites
  • 8. Seo Services etc
  • 9. I.T Companies etc
  • 10. Insurance Companies
  • Business services not related to christmas Shopping

    All businesses, or services selected or approved to appear in the Christmas directory, or approved advertisements must clearly be somehow relateable and connected to xmas shopping and festivities.

- Whokilledsantaclaus.com -

Three Ad slots per page

Value for money

  • Top of page large panel
  • Side bar panel
  • Small page bottom panel

Plus additional inline search adverts

  • Ten page slots, Ad appears inline top of succesfull searches
  • Used to get ads to where people search, to best customers
  • Select most appropriate ad , nine category pages, or inline search ad

All offering good value

  • Trees, Markets, Food, Parties
  • Toys, Gifts, Sales
  • Travel, Shopping

Christmas Sales Ads

  • Choose category page, to match business, get promoted
  • Discounts for three month purchase, Seasonal Offers, Annual Sales
  • UK Sales, London Sales

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