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Travel destinations christmas


Browse our travel pages for travel ideas over christmas.

For relatively little expense a short city break is possible to any where in Europe.

Switzerland -Zurich

Why not combine christmas with some guaranteed crisp white snow, for those who think a white christmas is a must have.

Enjoy the ski slopes and the scenery for an unforgettable winter christmas break.


Although in Asia this city boasts many western style retail outlets. 

There will not be anything you cannot find here that you cannot find back home.

Kiev Ukraine

Visit here and be pleasantly surprised at how modern it is. The prices are quite reasonable also comparable with cities like London and New York.

Brasov Romania

For something a little more rustic and with some old world charm Romania may surprise you with what it can offer for your christmas and new year getaway to somewhere a little different.

Christmas party games London

Christmas Party Guide

If you think Christmas has died and somebody has killed santa claus. This is the place for you, whether you want to bring a little sparkle to this time of the year, or simply escape.You have come to the right place.

Christmas Travel

Brasov Romania

Why not travel somewhere exotic, or even somewhere where nobody will find you. Have you ever thought about somewhere different at christmas and the new. Browse the site and search from any page

Colombian christmas light show and street entertainers start saving your cash now for next year 

Christmas Card Red Tree Lights

Christmas events near me 

Find the best sales in the most unlikely places.

Where to buy your christmas trees

Is buying a natural tree to decorate an important ritual for you or in your family?. Artificial trees are in decline. The flower markets are full of buyers of xmas trees Christmas snowflakes

Christmas Events

There are many places to see and enjoy many are totally free and so much fun, don't be a scrooge this year get out enjoy the xmas atmosphere even if you don't spend a lot or simply can't afford to spend much. Just being out and about and mixing with other people s surely good for your well being. It doesn't matter what you enjoy the world will supply it for you. All you have to do is to search for a forthcoming traditional or not so traditional, but quirky or unusual christmas activity.

What to do at christmas and New Year

Browse our pages to see where to go what to see and do at this festive season of goodwill and cheer.

Become excited once again 

You do not have to be alone nor do you have to feel isolated and alone.


Christmas  charities and communal events who is operating at this festive season. Do you need shelter or a hot meal a haircut or a manicure, your pet to receive veterinary care or any other kind of assistance during this often difficult period.


Surprisingly enough christmas is celebrated in far more countries and continents than we are lead to believe. Be adventurous next christmas and explore the many cultures of the world and the varied cosines.

How do you celebrate Christmas

Whatever you decide to do at this festive time of the year this is the place for you.


The festive season comes around once a year time passes by so quickly. It is time to think about preparing for a good time, please do not put yourself into serious debt after it is over in the new year.

Christmas Present

There are many church services and carol singings in all the major cities

Every religion is catered for for a warm welcome and christmas cakes your local priest, vicar, or whatever will surely not begrudge you a little drop of mulled wine.  carol service in church

 Multi cultural services for all faiths

Christmas in London places to go

Why not get away from the normal tourist traps of London and go visit somewhere less central and more local, there are cultures and populations from far afield in London, Each celebrating christmas in their own unique way.

Christmas in London  Has something for everyone and every age group this does not mean that other cities around the world cannot match it for specular events. But because it is one place that many are interested in seeing and visiting at christmas. Links have been provided for your convenience. There is everything from ice shows, theatres and a whole lot more for everybody to enjoy. some of it is free to enter. Like the New Years Eve Fireworks by the London Eye millennium wheel on the Victoria embankment of the thames. But be warned London does not host it's New Years Eve spectacular at the most open of public places. It is especially crowded and entrance is restricted

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