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Fabled kebab flavours from the City of Kebabs

CIRRIK offers fresh and healthy meals TAZE ve SAGLIK

Exclusively the full Turkish Dinning ExperienceExclusively the full Turkish Dinning Experience - Freshest tastiest kebabs
Adana Turkish Cuisine
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1-3 - Amhurst Road - Hackney Central
London East - E8 1LL
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Clean Relaxing Hospitable Surroundings

Clean Relaxing Hospitable Surroundings

Finest Turkish Dinning experience

Only The Finest Kebabs And Soups

Only The Finest Kebabs And Soups

Experience the best Turkish cuisine

CIRRIK Is Pure Heaven For Food Lovers

CIRRIK Is Pure Heaven For Food Lovers

All the delights of the very best Turkish cuisine

Be Assured Of The Warmest Welcome

Be Assured Of The Warmest Welcome

Not just standard food but exceptional cuisine


Well known renowned Turkish restaurant by the railway station

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