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Lighting and illumination to suit every taste

Regular lightening sales throughout the year

Horton City Light modern clean urban sophisticationHorton City Light modern clean urban sophistication - Hoxton Lights in Moorfields
Lighting systems modern homes
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Kemp House - 152-160 - City Road
Hoxton Hackney - EC1V2NX
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Brighten Up Any Home With Latest Chic Designs

Brighten Up Any Home With Latest Chic Designs

Modern urban sophisticated lighting

Remove The Darkness Bring In The Light

Remove The Darkness Bring In The Light

A truly modern lighting shop

City Dwelling Lights

City Dwelling Lights

Stylish clean lighting systems

Light Displays

Light Displays

Ceiling lights floor lights

Christmas lights, Christmas tree lights, Light decorations, Interior lights, Exterior Lights
, Garden Lights


As the name suggest it's a lighting shop store

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