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Page of Barking market.

Large street market over many streets with a wide selection of clothes household items and food

One of the London Boroughs older markets wit h a charter still serving today

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Barking Town Centre Market can be found at this address

Barking Town Centre - East Street and Ripple Road - London Barking
Barking Ilford - 1G11 8EN

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Trinkets gifts on market stall

Trinkets gifts on market stall

Street market Barking town centre

First Advert Image

First Advert Image

Fruit and vegetables

Second advert Image

Second advert Image

Market trader stall

Third Advert Image

Third Advert Image

Fruit seller on street market


Very popular busy open street market sells everything along and over ripple road.

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Mobile: 07957 542027 Bus-Phone 0208 2273450

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