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The site is secure if you see a browser insecure message re-enter htpps:// into the browser bar: Be assured that login and registration links always connect to htpps:// we are aware that sometimes some browsers give this message: Secure Info
Sometimes you may see an insecure message on some browsers because some search engines give security messages to visitors. This is what the message from google chrome and other browsers means if you should come across it.
On some sites, you can visit a more secure version of the page:

Select the address bar


Delete http://, and enter https:// instead.

There is https redirection for the login and registration pages on the site. If you recieve an insecure mesage it is only the browser telling you that you are on a standard page and not on any page from which information of any kind is collected. You may choose to browse any of the pages via http or https it is your decision. Attempts will always be made to get visitors to visit any page via HTTPS.

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Your security is taken seriously you can be certain that on the pages where information is requested it will not be over an unsecured http page from this web site and will be done in the background and never on a front facing page.

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