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Looking to buy last minute Christmas items, trees, decorations, lights, food, cuisine or even purchasing tickets for a pantomine late in the day. Browse the pages here use the search boxes on every page, that are each primed to give a specific search result relevant to the page from which the search took place. Simply type in a name or a product service in the type field and an area or postcode in the areabox, depending on which page you are searching from will give a reault for that page only. The tree page is primed to find christmas trees and decorations, and the gift page is primed to find gift shops or anything that can be purchased as a gift. For example entering the same product name or service on one page will give different results, if entered via a search box on another page. This allows to find more results. it is suggested to try seaches on all pages and/or try to vary the terms to get bettter results. Some pages will give alternative suggestions if a precise match can not be found. All listings in the UK's specialised christmas directory are reviewed by admin. So you can be certain they are operating and able to assist. Also shown will be the last known status of a business web site where known.

Everything in one central localised directory

Putting together in one place everything that is needed for the annual christmas and new year festivities that take place with great gusto every year especially in the UK . You can browse our directory of christmas shopping, party organisers, gift shops, christmas tree farms, food shopping, christmas markets, light shows and suppliers. Indded everything that can be needed at christmas. Also you will find out where the free to see events are to be held each year at this celebratory festive season.

Specialised pages for pre primed chrsistmas shopping searches

  • HOME: General Searching
  • Markets: Primed to find Markets of all kinds.
  • Markets: Primed to show market traders pitch locations
  • Gifts: Searches out every type of gift
  • Lights: Finds light shows
  • Lights: Finds christmas tree Lights
  • Sales: For listing all sales all categories and areas
  • Travel: Lists travel companies hotels etc
  • Food: To search out food cuisine restaurants etc

All members subject to rules on terms page and inside the members pages

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Below you can see the categories available to all registered members, plus for each of the categories any member can select their own specific main category, sub category, specialisation or business sector thereby giving great flexibility for all members to custom their categories to meet their own indivual bespoke customised needs.

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