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 Spirit of christmas festivity

The christmas festivals guide

Everybody loves a christmas festival or new year spring holiday in Amsterdam.

It's never too early to plan for next years christmas or new year festivities, business and suppliers do it so why shouldn't you also be prepared. This year with Brexit being hotly debated in the UK and in the EU headquarters. More business are determined to be prepared for next seasons annual bananza, if prudent business are not flustered by Brexit, with many choosing or thinking of using Amsterdam as their centrally preferred place of business trading. Maybe is time you did likewise and considered a new year spring holiday in Amsterdam. 

Winter wonderland festival Hyde Park

Christmas celebration ideas

Looking for a new celebration experience it's time to try something different or to venture somewhere new. The world is a vast place and travel costs to many places are relatively affordable so why not begin to search for some new exciting places to visit for the Xmas holiday season.

Visit a broadway show or see a pantomime. Take the kids to a circus or to see their favourite cartoon character

Continental new year party cuisine al la carte 

Christmas festival breaks

Find the best festivals in the most far flung places.

New year vacation holiday 

Festivals for adults or children.

Christmas rock concert

Where are best festivals

Browse our catalogue guide. Whatever festival or festivites you are looking for. Find them here.

Party Time

Christmas festival traditions

Where to find strange traditions

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