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Please be aware that the system already scans all content that is submittted for offensive words etc. There is also a context review system in operation. Where certain words or phrases are marked for context review. When the system marks these, if the context allows such words and phrases for proper natural native English language it will be allowed to pass onto the content/profiles of the business. Should it be considered to be used out of the correct context it will not appear on the site, included into the system. It might show either blanked out spaces or total removal of that content/word/phrases or automatic text to say not allowed onto system considered to be out of context. For example if your business is christmas tree erection or display erections that word will be allowed but only in that context. The system also contains other context review content/words/phrases.

All reports via email will be investigated. Your help in keeping the site clean is important for everybody. Thank you for making the site a nice place to be a part of.

Note this form will also be subjected to the system background scanning described above