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Best Christmas Dinners Lunches drinking and food shopping London UK (also restaurants, shops open Christmas day) search and find something for whole family. Every amazing cuisine and culture listed

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 Discover new eating out venues christmas

Fed up with the same old stale xmas pudding from the supermarket? or is it that you just do not like this seasons traditional pudding. Not everybody is keen on christmas puddings. Maybe it's time to try something completely different this year. Discover exciting puddings deserts and other culinary delights to add a little bit of panache to the christmas dinner table. Surprise your friends, family or neighbours with something out of the ordinary. Here for you to peruse are a few delightful new twists on the traditional christmas pudding. Or if this still doesn't entice you you can still attempt to whip up some alternative desserts to serve your christmas guests.

Where to eat drink and be merry at christmas

Rapidly growing list of all the best eating out dining and luxury food establishments in UK and London and surrounding Boroughs Counties. . All cultures and tastes for the annual holiday festivities catered for, no matter what type of cuisine you require find a wide selection by searching our database. Browse the page if available for that listing, to see detailed information with pinpoint map locations, opening times, admin comments, customer reviews ease of finding a phone contact rating unique to this site and the first consumer shopping direct website site to implement a phone contact visibilty score rating.

 Christmas New Year culinary guide

Want to know where to eat during the christmas festive season then the christmas eating and drinking food and cuisine page of the dedicated christmas directory is the first place to look to find fine dinning experiences

Use the directory to find exotic dining over the festive season

 Places to eat at in the New Year

Get the lowdown on all the best eating and drinking venues over the Christmas holiday season. Reataurants and Hotels that serve traditional or culture specific christmas meals. Search for restaurants hotels clubs, bars anywhere that will serve a christmas dinner open on christmas day.

Also search for and find a local regional christmas food market, near to you whokilledsantaclaus fully supports local regional enterprises, this is the directory more specificially dedicated to local christmas business, more information and specific christmas market directory searches more information and specific christmas market directory searches can be found here

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