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How to use the site It is a comprehensive catalogue for everyting related to christmas

Search the database using the search options.

Members can register login place advertisements to promote their small business to local customers. Do you own a unique gift shop or sell things that are either not the normal run of the mill consumer product. Are hand made gifts etc. Then this is the place for you a christmas directory for everybody. The system will help you to promote your products to customers searching for specific chrsitmas items in UK Local Areas.

All listings appear on a page until a new listing is added.

A small local business will not be outpriced by big coroprations. All lstings receive same equal treatment.

How does this work.

Simply by selecting as your main category the corresponding page category, the system will not only place your details onto the home page , but also onto the correct internal page for your advert to appear.

Below are mini articles to explain.

How to get onto the correct page:

When you login and are inside members area select as the main category any off the availbale options that match the page you want. Christma-Gifts will appear on gifts page, Christmas-Trees will appear on christmas trees page etc and so on.

Can I select my own Category:

Yes you can do this once logged into the members area, in fact there are many options and ways to do this all changes are live instantly.

Can I write my own ad copy:

Yes you can write your own copy to match your brand, and also to give images ad copy descriptions.

How do I put my details top of home page:

This is very simple just completely fill out you profile and it will instantly appear there for a month, the date of expiry will show to all visitors. You may also request an admin to place it there, this will be done after admin has ensured there is sufficent detail stored in the database, and more information may be collected by the admin and manually included into your profile before allowing it to appear top of home page. The site wants your advert to succeed this is why there is a minimum amount of information collected at registration. Note an admin may also place your ad there if it is warranted and is in anyway useful or different and may be of value to site visitors. An admins pick. If you want an admin to help and assist you to fill in profile details that can be done. The site wants to help you to succeed.

Can I style my public page:

Yes register to be a member take control of your own page and inside the members area you can change to a small degree, the text and colours to match your brand, or select from premade templates that will be closer to you own brand. There is an editor for this inside the members area where live updates can be seen instantly. You can even request an admin to add the appropriate coded html font, text and colour infomation into you profile if you require help

Can I link to my public page on

Yes you do not have to be a member to do this just copy the full link from the browswer bar

How do I register:

Use the Register button at top of most pages and the register page will guide you through registration, once registered you can log on any time to take full control of your ads and the public page.

What do I need to register:

You need three or Four things, an Email address, a username and a registration name and a phone number visible on the internet. although this is not mandatorilly.

I don't have a phone on my web prescence it's email only:

This is not a problem simply type online into the phone input line and or select "NoPhone" from the drop down list, the system will take care of the rest.

Will My email show on the site

No Emails of listings will not be seen, this is to prevent email harvesters. It is up to indivuals to decide what is shown on their own web places. You may let customers know how you prefer to be contacted, once you have registered as a member.

Do you sell information to third parties:

No this is not part of the sites policy. Neither does any deleted information stay on the server, any deletions made to your content are instant and always permanent and cannot be restored.

Do I need a web prescence:

No it is not part of the sites policy, to exclude people who do not have a web prescence. In fact we encourage people like street market traders to advertise where they trade on certain days.

Can I delete my Listing:

Yes you can at any time if you are a registered member, Or you can email us to request it's removal. This will be instant and cannot be restored. It may get listed or recommended again at a later date. Also the listings are constantly reviewed to attempt to keep up to date. An admin will always be happy to make you listing as you like it, and why would anyone not want free publicity.

Can I remove the default images:

Yes you can at any time if you are a registered member, It is our publicy not to attempt to dispay images or text copy as if written by the listing company, but as an independent unbiased reviewed mini editorial.

Can I fill out the content with more detail:

Yes by becoming a registered member, There are four places where you can add more text than is shown, for the minimum requirements you see for all approved public page listings.

How do I get a link in the directory:

There are three ways this can happen, 1. Become a registered member 2. A visitor recommends you or your web page 3. It is placed on the site by an admin, or found by the system.

My web site address has changed:

If you are a member login submit a new link, admins will check it works and is appropriate, then approve the new link and system will automatically update. If you have implemented a permantely moved 301 html error this will not affect being found.

Can I list all business addresses:

No not usually because then there is likely to be two identical weblinks in the database causing problems and automatic rejection.In any case you should have all branches listed on the main website you use. if you have distinct web pages for each location a canonical difference as per search engine criteria then by all means list them using a different usename/business that identifies the location XYSTOYSldn1643 for XYZTOYS London branch etc. if you want to list a different branch that has no website then list as above and do not submit a web link after registration and logging in. This will mean you get a listing and the weblink will link to a default page.

Can I list all business addresses on my page:

Yes if you have more than one branch shop etc then there is room to make a list on your listing and public page.

Discover what is happening in your local area the shops and smaller business providing a different or unique and specialised item.

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