Christmas New Year Festivals

Markets bazaars or pazar to use a more correct eastern word for a market are always popular during the christmas and new year festive season why not find a city to visit where you can wander around the bazaars in the day and enjoy a new cuisine in the evening after a restful day on the beach. You are encouraged to search the internet for a middle eastern Christmas. You will pleasantly surprised by what you find. 

Festivals parades fireworks.

Welcome to the festival and carnival guide 

Where are the best festival or fireworks at christmas or new year

New year festivals you must see

London New years day parade 

A mixture of American razzmatazz and English comedy craziness and eccentricity.

Paris parade for new year

Liberal and in happy Paris everybody is welcome

Rose parade California U.S.A

Very American and no war of the roses

Three Kings Parade MadridSpain

The three biblical kings celebrated every year in Spain

Upbeat Parade ZurichSwitzerland

Just a good old upbeat parade with a contemporary twist

Have you noticed how every city claims to have the best, the biggest most attended event in the world, and how every city claims it is the best and greatest in the world. You can judge for yourself. There are only seven randomly selected but there are hundreds to see all over this beautiful planet. Finally in every parade s far as is known, the sexy dancers like the ones shown in Zurich wear "body stockings". 

Festivals parades carnivals

The world is full of exotic festivals over the christmas new year period. Did you know that London has an American Style parade on new years day Start ing at about 11:00 to 12:00 noon and finishing 3 hours later. That's people parading past you and entertaining you continuously for three hours. The American cheer leaders that fly in from the states are very popular. England has taken up the batten and since the parades inauguration English cheer leaders and schools are every bit as good. Although a little less American in theme than when it first began in 1987, to cheer up an otherwise dull day in London England. It still makes for a cracking day out amongst one million spectators speed over a long distance in central London. 

Carnival at christmas and new year  

New years eve festivals

Find the best festivals in the most unlikely far flung places.

Christmas snowflakes

Lights decorations parties festivals

Where to be festive at New Year

Browse our pages for the best places cities and venues .

Become excited once again

You do not have to be alone nor do you have to feel cramped and swamped by everything.

Street Carnival Brazil

New Year Carnivals

Where are the best and exciting glamorous parades, parties, madri gras, festivals and street parties for the new year celebrations 

Where do you think these destinations may be? think of somewhere different this year find inspiration 

Be bold this year and enjoy the world

Whatever you decide this is the place for you to find out with review from other travellers.

Christmas church service

New Year is not dead

What is new year about

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Christmas in London places to go

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Christmas travel destinations 

Cites to visit christmas season 

New Years Eve in Istanbul 

say hello to the new year. Get away at christmas other recommended places to visit at xmas are by popular demand and searches in no particular order Betlehem West Bank: Santa Claus Village Finland: Zurich Switzerland: New York City: Nuremberg Germany: London England.There is a useful guide here for European cities to visit at christmas

The Christmas places you must visit

The places and links on this page are not affiliated with this website they are provide to give you a different view of what to do where to go and what to see over the christmas and new year festive  season. It is up to you to make your own enquiries about their usefulness to you.

Where are the best place cities town villages hotels or countries to visit for christmas and the new year festive season

Zurich christmas market

Christmas Events Three continents

How to get three christmases in one year for the hardy adventurous travellers 

Travel to Columbia in South America celebrate Christmas on  24th December

Get late plane, coach, bus or train to New York ready to Celebrate On 25th December.

Now celebrate New Years Eve wherever you want on 31st  December

Get to the Ukraine by January 7th to celebrate another orthodox christmas

Christmas Choirs traditional 

Traditional Church Choir

New year christmas 

The Best Cities to Visit At Christmas or new year

places to be at Christmas

santa sack in the snow 

Places to see in the New Year

The top tourist spots and the not so familiar places to be at this time of the year

Christmas new year Fireworks

Cities to be at new year

New York City Pass

An early christmas in Colombia

A later Christmas in Ukraine

Flowers for christmas London's Columbia road flower market

Although Colombia road has changed dramatically from the days when it was only a flower market and a tea stall. The changes it has seen over the past decade have turn't it into something much more The side streets of Bethnal Green which is the actually area  where it is and very close-by Shoreditch are bustling with visitors from far afield carrying home foilage from all over the globe. Do not worry if you cannot get there maybe you are going to New York to buy christmas flowers. Reports are that this too is a flower market not to be missed if you are in the vicinity.

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