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Please read this page setting out the terms of use for using this site. For forum members and guests, catalogue members and subscribers and all visitors that leave comments  on the site. The comments will be monitored and moderated and removed as deemed appropriate. 

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The terms under which you are to use this site and are expected to comply with are set out below and are to be read in conjunction with our privacy policy, data protection policy and social responsibilities you will be required to adhere to regarding posting comments. Conduct: Hate or religious attacks outlined below or in the rules shown from inside the forums and the catalogue registration areas will not be tolerated and dealt with as promptly as possible by the means of moderation. Privacy data page

Social media responsibilities

Social media interactions comments either directly on this web site or indirectly from external social media applications. Or via the social media sites of this website will be monitored for spam inappropriate content or attempts to indirectly promote other websites not related to the content, context or aims of this website. Any such comments will be removed edited or the offending person given a warning. Social media is what it says a means of being social on the internet. Whilst it is appropriate to recommend something to others. It is inappropriate to bombard our site visitors with the same recommendations repeatedly. Neither is it appropriate to discuss topics that may be considered inflammatory. This is not the forum to do that there are other sites on the world wide web www. ?.com where such discussions can take place.

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Online membership into our forums or membership of the catalogue, where you may offer your services for free. Will be subject to the same rules as outlined above for social media interactions, comments and topic content-context.

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